About Gilroy Ostrich Farm

Gilroy Ostrich Farm is a non-profit, 501c3 organization

Gilroy Ostrich Farm is dedicated to the protection and nurturing of animals.

Our mission is to rescue and protect animals which is of one of our main priorities. We are called from shelters all over California and asked to take more animals who are in need of a home. We take as many as we can, but caring for our animals takes a lot of hard work, investments in shelter and food, and lots of dedication and love from our staff. We care for more than just Ostriches. We have bunnies, emu’s, cows, horses, sheep, chickens, reptiles and more!

Children of all ages love to come to the farm to see and pet the animals and feed some of the animals too. We have tons of babies that they love to see and learn about. Meet our new baby ostriches! Aren’t they spectacular? Read our Mission below…


Gilroy Ostrich Association wishes to raise happy, healthy animals and provide quality community outreach and education that teaches children and adults how to respect all nature as well as the environment while providing excellent animal therapy for the community.

Organizational Background

Gilroy Ostrich Association, DBA Gilroy Ostrich Farm, is a 113 acre farm in Gilroy, CA with a 3000 sq. ft. barn. The beautiful property offers plenty of room for over 300 different animals (most of them rescue animals) including: alpacas, sheep, goats, horses, cows, bunny rabbits, Guinee pigs, baby chicks, reptiles, Emu’s, chickens and Ostriches. 

The farm receives calls from all over California from people and farms who have animals who are in need of a home and we take them in. Pacheco pass ranch is the perfect location for all types of animals and the perfect setting for children of all ages to come visit, learn and grow. 

Our non-profit (Gilroy Ostrich Association, Inc.) is seeking to offer brand new programs for K-12 children. These include weekly and weekend classes that will seek to educate children on sustainability, farming, agriculture, and general animal education through guided tours and fun weekly classes and tours. And although the children won’t notice, these classes and the 1:1 contact and feeding of the animals has been proven through research that these experiences help children develop positive values. 

Other benefits of children visiting Gilroy Ostrich Farm include:

Area Served

Gilroy Ostrich Farm serves the local community of Gilroy, but we have found that most of our visitors are from northern California, including San Jose and the bay area. We serve as the only local “outdoor zoo” for the areas around Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, and San Francisco. We may also see many visitors from neighboring San Benito, San Joaquin, and Santa Cruz counties from the ticket sales that help maintain the farm.

Target Audience

Home to approximately 9.6 million people, Northern California’s nine-county Bay Area contains fourteen counties and the 41st-largest urban area in the world. The Bay Area’s population is ethnically diverse: for example, roughly half of the region’s residents are Hispanic, Asian, African American, or Pacific Islander, all of whom have a significant presence throughout the region. Roughly 400 people can be seen at the farm every weekend, and they are parents and children who enjoy both petting and feeding the animals. 

Due to Covid-19 and the closing of non-essential businesses, it was difficult and costly to keep the business open without visitors. At this time more than ever, the animals, (including some rescue animals) need your support.

Number of People or Animals Served

The farm has weekly visitors, but weekends have the most people with very affordable ticket prices and about 400-500 visitors a weekend during summer months. In addition to visitors coming to feed and pet the animals, in our proposal of new programs, we’d also like to build weekly school and learning opportunities for K-12 children, as well as other fun activities for the children currently being home-schooled to get them out of the house, interacting with others and learning in an outdoor environment.

Current Needs

We want to expand programs to help children and bring animal therapy to the community while improving farm operations and animal care.

Without community and foundation support, we would not be here to provide animal therapy and education to the community while adopting animals that need homes. We want to be able to expand our education opportunities to the children in the community and surrounding areas, while helping to provide adequate care for all of our animals who call Gilroy Ostrich Farm home. We love animals and want to continue to provide them with the excellent care they need and deserve while helping the community understand the importance of animals and farming. 

Running a farm is expensive, and with the COVID-19 global pandemic, it has been very difficult to sell the tickets needed to support all the needs of the farm, let alone expand services to the community.

Where Do Donations Go?

We want to provide new important programs.

Education Programs


Gilroy Ostrich Farm practices environmental stewardship that maintains healthy environments for our animals, our families, and our community.

An Environmentally Friendly Farm includes: Healthy pastures which reduce soil erosion, limit nutrient runoff from animal facilities and barnyards, recycle nutrients, and control animal access to surface waters.

Farming & Agriculture

Farming, gardening, and food is a means to build community, and make the world a more just and sustainable place.

Classes Common Farming Practices – Food, farm, and garden-based educational resources that explore the intersections of sustainable agriculture

Lessons how people and communities can work together to be part of building an equitable and sustainable agricultural food system.

Community Garden & learning where children can garden, farm, and land-use consulting with cultural, ecological, and social sustainability in mind. Children who visit can water and children who planted can come re-visit when things begin growing and taste the live food they planted.

How to renew our connection to land, food and community.

Learn how to provide a bountiful harvest for those who participate in activities at Gilroy Ostrich Farm. Lessons teach children that this is how humans survived since the beginning of time. This is a dying art, and if our system of grocery stores and large farms disappeared, how will future generations know how to sustain themselves.

Basic Animal Education (K-12)

Promote animal education (k-12), care and teach respect towards animals and what animals provide to us.

Lessons about animals that help to reduce possible future animal cruelty. How to treat animals with respect and what that means.

Educational programs for Schools – host schools around the area on Field trips to learn more about farm life

Cash Donations Help Support Operations

We are in need of funding for daily operations to include: vet care (medications, vaccines, specialized ostrich vet for ostrich adults and babies), pens and pen supplies for the animals, animal food, and heavy equipment (including tractors, RV’s for volunteers to rest and trucks). Vet care can be very expensive. 

During Covid-19 the number of people who came to support the farm diminished which means the money the community spent to support the farm diminished too. Animal care can be very expensive, along with equipment (which often breaks down and needs repair).

Animal Care

If you cannot offer a cash donation, we are now accepting tax-deductible in-Kind Donations (Supplies & Services)
These include:

Volunteer Animal Care Service Programs – Volunteers who take care of the farm, the pens, animals and making sure the animals get their annual shots, check-ups and vaccines is a critical area of the farm.

The needs include:
Help covering annual vaccinations

Needed Equipment and Supplies

Other Equipment and Necessities

*Donations may be delivered or we can pick up

Thank You Gifts For Donors

Everyone who donates $50 or more will get this colorful T-Shirt!

All donations are tax deductible – a great write-off at the end of the year!

Please consider supporting your local farm!

Thank you.

Please call us at 866-996-7373

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Gilroy Ostrich Association
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Non-Profit EIN# 83-3179308

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5560 Pacheco Pass Hwy,
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