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We are dedicated to the preservation of farm animals. We lead to inspire, educate, and connect children and families to the farm animal adventure.

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Lovers Wanted

We are delighted in your interest to volunteer your time with us. We value your dedication and commitment to make the farm a better place for our animals and a better experience for our community. As a volunteer with our nonprofit organization, you will be emersed in the farm experience. We are now accepting volunteers for physical volunteering, clerical, administrative, assistance with fundraisers and more. These openings are great opportunities for individuals to involve themselves in a structured environment, practicing life skills and giving back to their community.


Our Vision

The Gilroy Ostrich Farm is a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to bring education and awareness to the local community. Our farm staff are carefully chosen to provide an enthusiastic and knowledgeable experience. When applying to volunteer at the farm, please thoroughly read the following:

Please Consider

Volunteering Hours:


Gilroy Ostrich Farm

Volunteer Opportunities

Customer Service, Customer Engagement

Cleaning of Chicken Coops

Animal Care

Cleaning of Cows, Pigs, Donkey, Goats & Sheep Stalls

Meal Preparation for the Animals

General Tasks

Please make sure to consider all the above before deciding you want to volunteer.

Volunteering is work, but it is also extremely rewarding!

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We appreciate your help more than you can realize!